Saturday, December 20, 2008



I am blogging from Canada.

Weather is pretty cold.

Let me tell you,

the asian girls here are damn good looking..

Haiz..too bad i am from Malaysia...

I would like to have a girlfriend from there lol..=]


Bye Bye I want to go sleep now

Later blog..

Monday, December 8, 2008

I deleted my previous post because it has racially sensitive elements in it.

However, my view still doesn't change about some "superior" race.

Whateva la..

I go watch Bob the Builder to make me smile.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Malaysian parliament is hopeless..

All the xiao zhu in BN..


Next time 2016 just vote for Dato' Paul from Parti Anjing

My propaganda:

1. All Malaysians must rear a dog regardless of human dog or doggie dog.
2. I will bring Dogylimpics to Malaysia.
3. Malaysia will become the main exporter of dog meat to other countries.
4. All fast food outlets must serve pork.
5. Yoga is accepted under my ruling and washing your buttock with your left hand is banned.
6. Every Malaysian must make the first day of every month as Dog Appreciation Day.
7. Lastly, no ISA


Please vote for for change.. because

Change we believe in


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello It's been so long since I updated.

Well, I am not really sure what to blog about.

So, I turned on my computer and decided to see my blog's comment. Boy oh Boy, I didn't know that there was a girl who was so interested in me. Man, looks like my effort this few months hasn't gone down the drain.

Hmm.. She said my blog was lame. Well, I couldn't agree more with her. I indeed have a lame blog, I can't deny that.

There is something I want to share with you. When I was 10, the doctor diagnose me with ADD.
If those of you don't know what is ADD, it's called Attention Deficit Disorder. This is someone who was diagnosed with ADD but turned out successful in life.

Okay. Back into the topic. Oh yah.. this reminds me of something. You know about the girl who complimented me in my blog. Well, I have a friend who have a crush on her since form 2.

This friend of mine always tells me about her and I will be like stoning. This friend of mine I shall name him as A. A is a boy. Obviously isn't it?

Anyways, I know that girl since form 1 I think. One time, during our final year exam, she told me to tell A that she isn't interested in him. Wahahahaha.. I am laughed till my penis shriveled. Wahahaha.. I am still laughing now.

Just imagine this...Wahaha.. indescribable..

Sorry for the brief interruption.

I told A about this and A was sad. One day, I received a SMS from A. He told me that life was meaningless to him just like an uncarbonified diamond. I was like


Boy, he was so depressed. I cheered him up by buying him ice cream and he responded well like a small child. Next thing, he was already asking the old ice cream vendor for her phone number.

This guy recovered quickly and I was left swooning over his fast progression.

The other day, I was chatting with my friend about people who like to use the internet as a space to hide their true identity. Their true personality. Sadly to say, nowadays there are still these low IQ people who prefer to hide themselves behind the shield of their monitor and write stuff about people without having any guilty conscience.

My friend told me that these people are usually losers and bummers.

I couldn't agree more with him. These people usually like to sit in the living hall in front of the television with the computer facing them writing malicious stuff.

I just hope for world peace. You know what I mean?

Why can't we live together in harmony?

Why must the Malays despise the Chinese?

Why must Tom hate Jerry?

Why must the police shoot robbers?

Why must dog bark at cats?

Why must the Indians be black?

Why must the black be white?

Why must the cereal be eaten with milk and not Carlsberg?

Why must we say no to drugs but yes to Panadol?

Why must the bad guys be bad?

Haiz.. If only Homer Simpson was here..

Anyways, if you have a problem, always have a positive attitude in facing your problems like this

That sums it all up =]

What's up

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I hate Chinese

You want to know the reason I hate Chinese?

Because I am Chinese..

Whatever so lame right?

I like Chinese people

I like Chinese food

I like China

I like Chinese Fried Rice

I like Chinese Fried Chicken

I like Chinese Fried Pork

I like Chinese Exams..

What? Haha..Too bored.. so bear with me..

I like myself

I like Chinese



sue me if I offend you

If u dare,,

Come la..

Like u can


for wasting ur time

Cause I am lame

I can't help it.

I really need a

need a

need a


but I have a dog liao..

So i need a

need a

need a


but I can't drive

So I need a

Need a

Need a

Need a

Mental Check up

Bye Bye



I hate lala

Especially lalamui

Clam girls.

So ugly

Like chickens..

But I don't know why

An Xin seems to Like Them

Ps: I know u are gonna spam my chatbox

I don't care so sue me

Sorry.. I am too bored

Not my fault rite?